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Simple, natural elegance, a subtle compromise between freedom, boldness and respect for the rules, is so much more than mere good taste in clothes. It embodies respect for oneself and for others, incarnating in its consistency and high expectations the value of time and objects, and devotion to tradition.

The quest for elegance has become a personal ambition for any man seeking accomplishment. Master tailors are more than ever the main allies in this process, supported by their in-depth knowledge of garments and mastery of this ancient skill.

In setting up this traditional workshop, partners wished to share their love and passion for good craftsmanship, whilst supporting men in search of elegance and tradition through the process of design, manufacture and renewal of their wardrobe. The firm even benefits from the symbolic protection of St Blaise of Sébaste, the patron saint of wool carders and tailors, for whom it was named.

Choosing the services of the Blaise de Sébaste tailors means placing irreproachable quality and consistently high customer service at the very heart of your elegant clothing choices. Assured of the quality of our materials, which are both natural and noble, of the process of fitting to your body shape, and of the handiwork of the garment and its finishing touches, you have free rein to design garments that through their simplicity and refinement reflect your true essence. For this reason, Blaise de Sébaste tailors are careful to make appointments with you in a private place of your choice, whether at our workshop apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine, at your office or at your home.

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